The “not so bad “Captain America

So, last saturday i saw Captain America, which some of my friends told me that it SUCKS big time. Semakin banyak yang bilang sucks semakin tertantang ane untuk ngeliat, hehe. So this is my review. While IMDB give 7 for the overall performance.

Actor ( im gonna review 3 artist that took me instantly )

  1. Chris Evans, udah pada nonton Fantastic 4? i do think that its kinda weird when  1 person plays 2 superheroes from Marvel, yeap!! Fantastic 4 tuh dari Marvel lho, and now diameranin steve rogers Captain America, secara branding si agak membingungkan, but well. Actingnya 6 lah bos, karena ga ada yang terlalu memikat, tapi dia aktingnya konstan, ga jelek2 juga
  2. The red skull, mr. HUGO WEAVING, my god, this guy, remember how he spoke “Mr. Anderson……We meet again” di Matrix, hehe. I like this guy, being Elron as the father of Arwen doesnt impress me much, but how he gave the performance as V, my God,amazing he was. Aktingnya di CaptainAmerica ini ya bolehlah, menurutku dia paling menonjol karena kegilaan red skull bisa disampaikan ke audience though not in a very strong character, but I do sincerely think that Hugo live it up. so untuk aktingnya bisa kisaran 7-8 lah,hehe
  3. Haley Atwell , ms. peggy carter, sweet girl with her good bod, hehe, i just cant leave the girls out of this review. I never realize her performance until Capt. America, but yeah, i would give her 7 for her performance since i get her at her one takescene when she cried a bit hearing steven rogers hit the ocean, nice….


so so. it tells it all,but if you compare with Thor, i choose this one for sure


I like it how they could give 50’s touch on the clothes and the sets, well well, touche…


So you got your own Saturday night, you were bored, you got a lot of snack, you dont know where else to go, you were too tired, then you got to see Captain America on DVD, i dont think that its worth seeing on theater.

I would give it 6.5 for the overall movie performance, worth to watch,but not worthh seeing on theater, bring a lot of friends, watch it together.


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