Keluar jam 8.24 naik bus jurusan kalideres berhenti harmoni, antri jurusan blok M, the first word, “DAMN” damn in my world has to be pronounced with some “dang to the dut” style (baca: daeim). Ini Antrian orang mau beli ayam KFC beli 1 gratis 10.

Eniwei, that’s my life, that’s my current life, waking up in the morning goin to the bus station,enjoying my david guetta afrojack “lunar” single ( which I would say amazing, no wonder he got to the top 100 dj of the month on topdj.com- lunr super recommended )

Today..what I’m gonna do? imma work hard imma work chill imma be anything that I wanna be today as long there is no ego, trust me, without ego you could be any”freakin”thing, you could be a kiss ass, you could be an artist, you could be smart ass screwup that took your friend’s money without they ever noticing. EGO sucks. So? Waddap JKT!!

(Based on true story)

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