Barton : Saya layak dipanggil Capello

Menarik sekali pendapat dari pemain liga inggris,QPR, ini menurut wawancara espn soccernet, joey barton with his larger than life temperament, menilai dirinya patut dipanggil timnas inggris, bagaimana menurut anda?

Dengan tingkah lakunya yang boleh dibilang brutal dan cara bicaranya yang sangat menarik untuk dibaca di twitter,dia merasa bahwa penampilannya dalam 1,5 tahun ini bisa dibilang sangat konsisten, sementara menurut mancini, shaun wright phillips lah yang harusnya paling ditakuti,bukannya joey barton.
Berikut liputannya.
Barton, who joined QPR in the summer from Newcastle after falling out with the Magpies’ hierarchy, has just one England cap from 2007. But despite a history of disciplinary problems, he believes he deserves a call-up from Capello.

“Fabio said he was going to pick the side on form when he came in, that was one of the prerequisites of getting the job,” Barton told Sky Sports. “I can’t think of seven English-born midfielders that over the 12 to 18 months that have played more consistently than me.”

While Barton admits he is not capable of singlehandedly winning Euro 2012, he believes he can bring something different to the squad if he is picked by Capello for next summer’s tournament in Poland and Ukraine.

“Obviously there are a lot of them without the baggage that is perceived to come with me. I’m not going to cry about it and I don’t surmise anyone in the England set-up will.

“Am I the difference between winning the World Cup or the European Championships or not? I’d like to think I was but I know it’s not.

“It would be great to go and it would be a great experience for me and I think I can add to it. Wayne Rooney could be the difference between England winning it and not. Joey Barton certainly wouldn’t be.”

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