Free Responsive Website Template and The Not So Free

We are so fond of looking on something free related to website templates, especially for new startup business that wants to set up their business to go digitally. It is not a wrong thing to choose the free ones, but we sould know for sure, why people buy those who are not free

1. Business support

Those who gives it for free rarely gives support for those who buys it, you are lucky if you get any templates that got no bug at all, but you could get troubles if it has

  • too many bugs in it
  • uncompatible with widgets/ plugins from popular CMS such as : wordpress, joomla, drupal
  • vulnerable to hacking

If you have internal team that specializes on IT support that you could go home and get a rest, but if you are not, you must consider not so free website templates

With a not so free responsive website templates, you could get more than you want with just a low price of $15. Imagine, you only pay $15 and you could get templates that is compatible with mobile audiences.

click here or copy paste the links below at your browser

features includes:

  • Responsive Multipurpose Business Website Template with modern design
  • Cross browser support
  • 2 Jquery Responsive Sliders (Flex Slider, and Camera Slider)
  • PHP Contact form
  • Jquery Light Box Effect
  • Google Map
  • 16 HTML Pages good W3C and well documented
  • 4 Different home page layout
  • About us page
  • Our team pages with 2 options
  • Pricing table
  • Testimonial
  • 3 Different Portfolio page layout
  • 1 Portfolio detail
  • 2 Blogs layout
  • 1 Blog article page
  • Contact page

which you could get for $15, so enjoy!

dont forget to visit

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