what mom meant to me


mom, its been 27 years and 9 month ya…. ga ada yang kerasa udah selama ini. Prosesnya itu lho mam… you fed me, taught me, drove me to school and all.  The process gave the both of us, us.

Mulai dari mengandung, melahirkan, membesarkan sampai mungkin yang terberat –> MELEPASKAN. 

I remember how it was hard for you to know that i would go to jakarta, and how it made you glad knowing that the decision made me a better man.

The time really taught us well

when i was 15 years old : ” aduhhhh mammmmm….kok crewet banget siiiii”

when i was 18 years old : ” mam, i had my own life now, let me make my decision”

when i was 22 years old : “my mom is old right now, i’d better let her speak”

when i was 25 years old : ” mom, your strength, damn huge ”

when i was 27 years old : ” its so hard to be a mom ya……….., you should retire mom, go have some fun”

Time does it all to us, waktu kecil pasti kerasa ini mama kok cerewet banget ya, kalo dah besar malah kita kepikiran dan kita yang malah jadi kayak “mama mama”

sometimes i think that the process turns back the time lho mam, i become more like you and you become more like me when i was so young, hahahahahha.

Anyway, I luv you, you knew and know it, us against the world ya mam,hahahahha, always!!


PS: ma, i know you dont have facebook and twitter, hell you dont read blogs anyway, but everybody know that i wrote this just for you 🙂

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