Build neat back-end as neat as Front-end

Steve jobs, this guy!! its actually a picture of him after he resigned as CEO, not a pretty picture eh?! but a pretty legacy through Apple, eh?!

Anyway, what i learned from this guy these last 2 weeks, that includes his biography, books, and all the videos that is on the internet so called youtube

1. Passionate and love about what we do, that include our job and our future spouse

2. You dont have to be nice as a Leader

3. You need a mentor

4. Dedication, dedication, dedication!! build something at back-end as neat as what you will do at front-end though you know that nobody will notice the back end, thats what you called dedication

5. You need a freakin good team, freakin excellent i may say.

Hearing his “60 minutes interview with steve jobs”, Steve and Bill Gates interview at the internet, his 2005 stanford speech, it all gives an image of how perfectionist this guy is, dan beberapa hal yang memang harus kita tiru untuk dapat strive di bisnis dan kehidupan kita, though tidak melupakan juga DOA, but still, man oh man… you were gifted dear steve.

Do visit and please try to examine what his team has done andhave it asa benchmark on your business, you’ll know how far they have done, and please please do visit his memorable speech apple video at youtube. Sorry I dont give the link, im tired of writing, not a writer, a rambler.







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